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Children's light boxes are an educational resource, based on the Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophy, in which it is stated that children are the protagonists of their own learning and can unleash their full potential, only with a small teacher or family guide, achieving on their own a high degree of their intellectual, physical and even spiritual capacities.

That is why their popularity has been constantly increasing, as they are very interesting objects for your children to acquire knowledge in different subjects or disciplines, while having fun. So unlike what many think, they are not just a common toy.

Basically they are wooden boxes with light, which thanks to a specific acrylic, emits a certain faint and soft glow, which allows you to place on it different types of objects that will give a different perspective, being this the main quality by which children are attracted.

What is the LED light box for?

Usability will vary depending on the age and abilities of the child, since as we will see later, there are many objects with which you can interact, becoming a world of experiment for them.

A great advantage of these light boxes for children is that thanks to their size, it is easy to transport inside the house as well as outside, that is, if you visit another house or if you spend the weekend on family holidays, you can take it without problem, so that your child will always have the opportunity to have fun and learn at all times.

Uses of wooden boxes with light

As mentioned above, the light box in early childhood education has been a great help, as it allows a number of interesting possibilities for the youngest. Among these uses we can mention:

  • Work in plasticine or clay.
  • To perceive better the colors.
  • Tracing shadows.
  • You can draw on it, using tempera or finger painting. As long as the surface is covered with some transparent plastic, this in addition to protecting the box, will give a new perspective.
  • Read stories in a more interesting way.
  • Allows the use of different translucent materials.
  • It is possible to observe negatives of photographs or even x-rays in a simple way.
  • It is used to observe in detail different objects.
  • Combine geometric shapes and numbers.


Buying light boxes for children can become a fundamental part of their education, because they promote or make develop in the youngest, a series of characteristics that will help you every day. Some of these are:

  • They are multisensory,since it will allow you to see in detail and depth colors and shapes of each object placed on the box, this way you can develop a better sense of sight.
  • Because it is a powerful learning tool, your children will have greater focus and concentration. The construction and projections provided by this box will make you experience and perform numerous educational activities for long periods of time without getting bored.
  • It creates a warm and relaxing environment, making the youngest ones carry out their activities in a patient and calm way. This is why it is recommended as an activity to do before taking them to sleep.
  • It is fun and educational, as it is considered a unique experience, so you can learn, discover and at the same time get recreation. In fact, it is considered a useful tool for children with learning difficulties.

What should a safe light box for children look like?

Although in many occasions you will find a cheap light box, and it would be a good option to acquire it, before doing so you must have as a priority the safety and proper functioning, since this will depend on how favorable it is for your children.

In order to do so, we recommend that you evaluate the following points:

  • Uniformly distributed light. Make sure that there is no more light on some sides and not on others, as your child's vision and concentration may be affected, in addition the box would not meet its objective.
  • Adequate light intensity. We recommend a base of a light box with white LED, covered by white ice methacrylate or opal white (thickness 4 mm). In this way you will get a dim light without much brightness, avoiding damage to vision.
  • Still light. Make sure that the light is well held, so that while your child plays or moves the box will not have changes of light.

In addition to these reminders related to light, take into account other aspects of safety in general.

  • That is made with quality materials and resistant, so it can withstand use and will not break easily, running the risk of harming your children.
  • Comfortable to carry, if your child is old enough to move the wooden light box, surely will, so make sure it is fit enough to do so safely.

Where to buy a Montessori light box?

In light ideas, we have an excellent variety for you to choose a safe light box at the best market price. We invite you to see our gallery!

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Light Boxes

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Data sheet

Type: Home Light Box
Surface: Methacrylate 4mm
Light: RGB LED strip (16 colors) 5m 220V/12V + Remote control


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Light Boxes

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