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Material light tables

If you already have or are about to acquire a light table for your children, you will surely know that their main objective is to make your little ones interact, imagine, learn, discover and start effective learning on their own.

So, now is the time to take your ingenuity for a walk and decide to buy material for light tables. Remember that they must be motivating and invite your children to experiment and investigate, only then will you be able to help them achieve their goal.

Now, what are the best light table materials and their uses? Can you make light table material diy (do-it-yourself)? Know the best options here!

Material light tables

The best materials for light tables

It is possible to buy Montessori material for a cheap light table, because with almost any didactic product you can create very funny and methodological interactions. In fact, many of these can also be done at home with the help of children, among the most popular, we can mention:

  • Silhouette Template: These are coloured figures such as: carts, animals, clouds, houses and other common and simple objects to be identified by the little ones. If you want to make them at home, buy cardboard of different colors, chalks, cut and ready.
  • Semispheres of perception: They are semicircles made of acrylic with a base that allows the free movement of the object on the surface of the table, they are of several colors that can change when joined. For better use, you can make a drawing in black and white and give it color with this material when you pass it over them.
  • Color Discs: These are small circles of different colors that can be used to learn how to count, classify and make figures. They are very versatile and easy to make at home, just look for translucent material of various colors, shape and cut.
  • Translucent building blocks:Ideal for children to experiment and create different structures. They are geometrically shaped and give a better perspective with the light, being able to observe each angle in detail.
  • Basic geometric shapes: Special for your children to learn the different geometric shapes, most are made of acrylic, but you can also make them at home with translucent paper.
  • Alphabet letters and translucent numbers: To teach them how to assemble words and combinations of numbers, buy this material in acrylic or create them in translucent material.
  • Tell stories: You can make pieces or drawings to recreate interesting stories and help your children learn to make arguments. These are placed on the table, giving them an interesting and eye-catching perspective, another simple way to tell their favorite stories.
  • Painting: Make drawings on translucent paper and with tempera or crayons, help your children to color them, teach them to be careful not to damage the table.
  • Create mandalas: Place the mandalas on the table and fill them with color, they can use crayons, discs or colored stones.
  • Hydrogel balls: These are colored balls that can be sorted or counted. Use glasses, plates, bowls, etc.

Where to buy light table material?

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